Best Practices

Yahoo Gemini API enables you to programmatically buy, manage and optimize mobile search and native advertising for campaigns across Yahoo’s mobile inventory.

The Gemini development and support teams have collected these best practices in an effort to provide you with strategies for optimizing your work with the Gemini API and achieving best results for your mobile and native ad campaigns.

Best practices are grouped into the following categories:

Category Description
OAuth 2.0 Access & Setup Best practices related to authentication, access and setup.
Pre-live Tips to follow before you go live, like verifying your overall budget, checking for imageUrlHQ and limiting the length of your native video ads to 15 seconds.
Once-live Tips after you go live, like using compressed files for bulk operations, using the books closed (COB) endpoint and using the Audience cube report to get device information for native ads.
Dot Tags & Custom Audience Some best practices for dealing with dot tags and custom audiences, like using a single tag/pixel per account and placing the Dot tag only once on a webpage.


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