Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) are feed-based ads that can be shown on a native Gemini platform. Use DPAs as retargeting ads that scale to users who have visited your product websites.

Key Benefits

  • Relevance: Show products from your website to shoppers who have visited your website and viewed your products.
  • Dynamic Creative: Use your catalog feed to automatically create native ads and save time.
  • Scale: Rely on Yahoo’s massive reach to connect you to your target audience throughout the path to purchase.

DPA Topics

The following topics describe how to work with DPAs.

Topic Description
Integrate DPAs Describes the steps to integrate DPAs, so your ad starts serving to users you are retargeting when a user visits anywhere Gemini native ads are served.
Product Feed Operations Product feed operations include creating, updating and deleting the product feed into Gemini. The feed file formats are also described in this section.
Create Product Sets Describes how to create DPA Product sets using any of the fields provided in the feed, either those that are required or optional.
DPA Dot Tag Instrumentation Describes how to track the product that the user has interacted with on your website, using event action parameters.
DPA Rules Describes the DPA rules required once you implement a dot pixel tag, including POST and PUT calls.
DPA Templates Describes DPA templates for using macros.
FAQs Addresses most frequently asked questions regarding DPA usage.
Product Ads Performance Stats Cube Describes the fields, types and attributes for this cube at all ad levels. Use this cube when querying for native ads campaign data.