Best Practices

The following are some best practices that you may wish to consider when working with Gemini Dynamic Product Ads:

  1. Use an all products product set when targeting a broad audience (this is a good starting point).
  2. Use product sets to optimize bids and control product recommendations.
  3. Clearly define your product sets without over-segmenting.
  4. Create product sets that help organize by value to your business.
  5. Easily identified/organized attributes from feed columns work best when creating product sets
  6. Examples of effective product sets:
    • One set per product category or theme (i.e., women’s shoes)
    • One set per price range (i.e., greater than $500, less than $500)
  7. Review the Product sets tab in the Product Catalog to confirm creation and view ID.
  8. Use Product Set Target to segment users based on funnel (i.e., viewed product, add to cart, purchase) and optimize based on lookback windows.

Next Steps

Navigate to FAQs to address some of the most frequently asked questions that deal with Dynamic Product Ads.