Dynamic Product Ads

Welcome to Native & Search’s new Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) for Native!

To get a taste of Dynamic Product Ads, take a look at this video, which cruises you through the various DPA types and examples for mobile and desktop. You can start/stop the video for a deeper look.


This guide provides you with the basic steps on how to get started and what you need to know in order to take advantage of this new Native & Search feature set. For managed accounts, be sure to contact your Native & Search account team for greater assistance in setting up and launching your catalogs and product feeds.

What are Dynamic Product Ads?

Dynamic Product Ads are feed-based ads that you can personalize, depending on each of your customer’s unique shopping history and buying habits. For example:

example dpa ads

In the mobile display on the left, people viewed this particular designer spring jacket on your website. Those people are then automatically served DPA for the same or a similar product, shown in the mobile display on the right.

These ads are ideal if you’re running an e-commerce or travel business, with large product catalogs.

Key Benefits

Dynamic Product Ads offer the following advantages for Native & Search advertisers:

  • Relevance: Display products to shoppers who have interacted with your products or shown interest to those products on your website.
  • One-time Setup: No need to constantly refresh your creative - use your catalog feed to automatically create native ads, saving you time and effort.
  • Personalized Creative: Dynamic ads automatically update according to your shoppers’ buying habits.
  • Scale: Rely on Yahoo’s massive reach to connect you to your target audience throughout the path to purchase.

Topics to Navigate

The topics listed here are in sequential, learning order, so that you can work through the steps necessary for optimal performance of your Native & Search Dynamic Product Ads.

Get started  
Get started with Dynamic Product Ads Describes the steps to get started.
Dot tag setup Step 1 Series
Set up dot signals

How to set up your dot tags on your website.

The following third-party tag managers are also available, with guides that describe the steps required to set up and deploy Native & Search Dot tags:

Associate dot to a product catalog How to associate dot pixel tags to your product catalog.
Product catalog Step 2 Series
Create & manage product catalogs How to create and manage your product catalogs.
Upload a product feed into Native & Search How to upload a product feed into Native & Search.
DPA Product feed operations How to create, update and delete product feeds into Native & Search.
Campaign creation Step 3 Series
Create Dynamic Ads How to create dynamic ads.
Use macros for ad templates How to use macros for ad templates.
Use funnel targeting for a product catalog How to use funnel targeting for a product catalog.
Use cases & best practices Topic
Create a shopping campaign in BULK How to create a shopping campaign in Bulk.
Best practices Learn about some of the best practices when working with Dynamic Product Ads in Native & Search.
FAQs Explore some of the most frequently asked questions about using and working with Dynamic Product Ads.

Learn More

If you’re working with the programmatic Native & Search API, you’ll want to explore the topics described in Dynamic Product Ads.