Create Ad Groups

Ad groups are groupings of ads you can set up to test different design elements or bidding strategies against each other.

Create an Ad Group

When you create a new campaign, you are required to create an initial ad group.


Once your campaign is created, you are ready to create and manage ad groups.

If you want to get up and running on Yahoo Native & Search quickly, you do not need to create any additional ad groups. However, if you want to harness the full power of Yahoo Native & Search, you can optionally set up additional ad groups for your campaigns. To set up additional ad groups, first create your campaign.

Test Design & Campaign Elements

On the design side, you can test out different headlines, creatives, ad copy, or calls to action against each other to see which one performs best. On the bidding side, you can test out different bid prices to see which bid yields the most clicks or conversions.

Test Bids


In choosing which campaign elements you want to set up ad groups to test, think about areas of your campaign with which you want to experiment to improve lift, reach or conversions or get the most value for your bids. For each area, think about the number of ad groups you need to create to perform the test.

Some examples:

Ad groups to test bids:

  • High Bid (with a $1.00 CPC bid)
  • Low Bid (with a $0.50 CPC bid)

Ad groups to test bids with the focus on clicks and conversions:

For drive traffic campaigns, test on the following bids:

  • Focus on clicks (with a $1.00 CPC bid)
  • Focus on conversions (with a $20.00 CPA target)

** Ad groups to test different Home page layouts**:

  • Home Page 1
  • Home Page 2
  • Home Page 3

Once you run some ads using the different ad groups, use the functionality on the Reporting tab to assess which ad group performed best.

Use Ad Groups to Drive Website Traffic & Raise Brand Awareness

You can create ad groups to drive traffic to your site, or increase brand awareness. See the following topics:

Once you set up your ad groups, you can find information about managing ad groups.