Ad Group Creation

When you create a new Native & Search ad campaign, you also need to create an initial ad group. Use ad groups to drive traffic to your website and to raise brand awareness.


Explore some of the topics in this section to successfully create and manage your Native & Search ad groups.

Topics to Navigate

Topic Description
How to create ad groups Describes how to test and design campaign elements, how to test bidding strategies and how to use ad groups to drive website traffic and raise brand awareness.
Manage ad groups Describes how to edit, enable and delete ad groups.
Ad Groups to Drive Traffic to Your Website Describes the tools and resources you need to drive traffic to your website with your ads and campaigns.
Create Ad Groups to Raise Brand Awareness Describes the ad types and required assets you need to raise brand awareness for your ad campaigns.
FAQs Discusses some of the most frequently asked questions when working with ad groups.