Manage Your Campaigns

You can get up and running on Native & Search quickly by creating a simple campaign with one ad group and one ad.

To harness the full power of Native & Search, you can optionally set up campaigns, ad groups, and ads. For an explanation of how campaigns, ad groups, and ads work together, see Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Ads.


When You Manage Campaigns

You can perform the following tasks when you manage your Yahoo Native & Search campaigns:

  • View the list of your campaigns
  • Go live or pause a campaign
  • Delete a campaign
  • Edit your campaign
  • Filter the list of your campaigns
  • Check your campaign status
  • Export your campaign data to an Excel spreadsheet

How To Optimize Your Campaigns

To optimize your campaigns, you can take advantage of column customization, sorting and filtering – all of which makes it easier for you to find the information that’s important to you, and quickly take action.

With the campaign dashboard, you can view performance and personalize it to see what matters most to you:

  • Customize the columns displayed to get a quick snapshot of performance results, conversion details and much more.
  • Filter and sort the results for each column to surface only the most relevant data.
  • View an extended date range to monitor your performance data.
  • Select and edit multiple components in bulk using the check boxes and the Action dropdown menu.

campaign dashboard apply filters

To filter your table data and get the metrics that matter most to you:

  1. Select the Filters dropdown.
  2. Choose the column and condition.
  3. To add multiple conditions, click Add another.

To make changes to multiple campaigns, you can select all desired results and download the bulk file using the Upload/Download dropdown.

View the List of Campaigns

From Native & Search, you can view your campaigns on the Campaigns tab.


The table shows additional detail about the campaign performance, including impressions, clicks, views, and click-through rate (CTR).

manage campaign table list

Go Live or Pause a Campaign

You can go live or pause a campaign on the Campaigns page.

To go live or pause a campaign:

  1. From the Yahoo Native & Search Campaigns tab, select the checkbox next to one or more campaigns.

  1. Select Enable or Pause from the Actions menu.


Delete a Campaign

If you no longer need a campaign, you can delete the campaign on the Campaigns page.

To delete a campaign:

  1. From the Yahoo Native & Search Campaigns tab, select the checkbox next to one or more campaigns.

  1. Select Delete from the Actions menu.

Edit a Campaign

You can edit a campaign to schedule, budget, and audience details.

To edit a campaign:

  1. From the Yahoo Native & Search Campaigns tab, select the link for the campaign you want to edit.

  1. From the Campaign Summary page, click the Edit button in the upper-right corner.

  1. Edit any settings you want to change:
  • Update the Campaign name.
  • Update the Types information. For example, if you want Search and native, Native only or Search only campaigns.

  • Define the locations you want to target. In the Locations text box, start typing the name of a country, state, city or Nielson Designated Marketing Area (DMA) that you want to target.
  • If you want to set up negative geographical targeting (a list of countries that you do not want to target), you can simply select include or exclude from the list when you type in a location.
  1. Define the language you want to target.

You can target one language only. Select your audience’s primary language from the Language dropdown list.

Your ad text must be in the language you select for targeting.

  1. Define the gender you want to target. For Gender, click All, Female, or Male.
  2. Set up interest targeting for your native ads by selecting the hobbies and interests your customers pursue. The more interests you add, the more narrow your reach will be.

To set up interest targeting, do one of the following:

  1. Start typing the name of an interest in the text box.
  2. Click Browse to see a scrollable list of interests.

To edit any budget settings you want to change:

  1. Enter your Campaign budget in U.S. dollars (USD). Note that this may not be in USD, depending on the currency you selected when creating the account.
  2. Select if this amount is Per day or In total.
  3. For video campaigns, optionally set the maximum number of times you want a unique user to view your ad daily.
  4. Click Save.

Filter the List of Campaigns

You can narrow down the list of campaigns on the Campaigns page by selecting an option (All campaigns, All search campaigns, or All native campaigns) from the View menu on the right side of the page above the table.


Check Your Campaign Status

Check the campaign status in the Status column on the Campaigns page.

The status can be one of the following:

Status Action
Active Campaign is running.
Ended Campaign has ended.
Out of funds Add funds to your campaign.
Lifetime budget spent Add funds to your campaign.
Awaiting start date Campaign is waiting on a start date.
Awaiting funds Add funds to your campaign.
Paused Campaign is paused.
Rejected Campaign has been rejected.
In Review This campaign is being reviewed by the editorial team, they won’t be long!
On Hold This campaign is being reviewed by the editorial team, they won’t be long!

Export Campaign Data to an Excel File

You can export your campaign data to a CSV file.

To export your campaign data to a CSV file:

  1. From the Native & Search Campaigns tab, select the checkbox next to one or more campaigns.

  1. From the Actions menu, select one of the following:
  • Download selected - all levels. Click this to download all of the campaign and ad data.
  • Download selected - this level. Click this to download only the campaign data.

  1. In the lower right corner, select the Bulk job in cvs format Ready for download as a Zip file.

  1. Click the Export item.

Your Campaign report download has been completed.

  1. You’ll receive notifications of your downloads in the upper right corner of the page.


View Dimensions Breakout in Tables

Use dimensions to look at the most important metrics for your campaigns. With dimensions breakouts, you can split your data into rows and compare metrics in-line. For example:

campaign dimension

To view dimensions breakout in your tables:

  1. Use the dimensions dropdown at the top of the campaigns table.
  2. Select the dimension of your choice.
  3. To remove a remove a dimension, select None in the dropdown.


Some dimensions have different date range limitations than others. You will be notified of the limitations when you select a dimension.

View Total Metrics

Total metrics are available at the bottom of the table.

campaign total metrics

Totals for performance metrics are displayed in their respective columns in the total row.

The total number of campaigns within the account is displayed next to the label Total Campaigns.

total campaigns