Drive App Installs on Mobile

Native & Search automatically leverages your ad copy, images, and videos to help maximize potential app installs.


For complete information on how to create app install campaigns, including image and video technical requirements, as well as optimization strategies, refer to How To Drive Mobile App Installs.

Key Benefits

  • Your ads prominently appear to smartphone and tablet users on Yahoo Native & Search ad network.
  • Users who click your ad are directed to the app store to make it easy to install your app.
  • When you create an app install campaign, Yahoo Native & Search adapts your ad, so it looks great across devices and across multiple creative formats.
  • If you use the optional audience feature, you can customize where your ads are served by location, language, gender, interests, and key search terms.

Delivery of App Install Ads

Native & Search delivers a full-screen, 30-second video ad followed by a full-screen end card. The end card includes a call to action to download the app in the app store, and a close button that returns the user to the app in which they watch the ad.


While optimizing towards your CPI target, Native & Search offers the following pricing options, depending on your ad assets:

  • oCPC: You pay for clicks, but optimize to a CPI target with image ad campaigns.
  • If you set up an app install campaign for video, you’ll also utilize an oCPC bidding strategy. The cost will be per click, which is more efficient.


If you’re a developer with a background in Software Developer Kit (SDK) integrations, you can enable Native & Search ad network with your tracking vendor to get detailed information about your app’s performance. For example, you can learn about app installs, unique user counts, and adoption over time and across geographical locations.

Native & Search supports the following options for the app install campaign goal:

  • Integrate with one of our third-party partners: Adjust, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, Kochava, Party Track, TapSense, Tune, and WDA.
  • Enable Native & Search ad network for server-to-server install tracking and in-app event tracking. You need to do this in order to have Native & Search optimize towards your performance goal.
  • Contact us if you require additional support or want to inquire about integrating with a third party not listed above.