Create Engaging Ads to Attract Customers

Think of an image or a video that reflects your business in an interesting and engaging way. That’s what you can use to serve as a building block for assembling your ad.

Number of Ad Creatives

There is no limit on the number of creatives that can run within a campaign, although we recommend having at least a few and not more than 100.

Creative Guidelines

Follow these guidelines when you create campaigns with images, text and video.

Creatives must have the following:

  • A title (a maximum of 50 characters)
  • Description text (maximum of 150 characters)
  • Destination URL (different for app install ads)
  • Display URL (not required for app install ads)
  • Sponsored by element (maximum of 25 characters)
  • Creatives do not need to, but are recommended to, have an image (1:1 aspect ratio is ideal, but other images are acceptable). Images are scaled to fit to 1200x627 on desktops and tablets and 627x627 for smartphones (which can be resized from a larger image).

Standard policy constraints on prohibited and restricted content apply. If you’d like more details, read our Yahoo Ad Content Policies.

Include Video or Animation in the Ad

Video or animation can be included in your ad. Note, however, that videos can only be uploaded for promote my brand and install my app campaigns, but for not visit my website campaigns.


Native video ads run everywhere – on Yahoo web, mobile, Tumblr and mobile app networks. That means, your ads can reach more than 600 million mobile users of Yahoo’s 1 billion global users. Think native video for maximum ROI.

native video runs everywhere

Creative Best Practices

Always review your ad creatives to ensure full and compelling text that will drive user interest.

Some cool best practices you may wish to consider:

creative best practices
  1. Use people-based images deliver fixation and deeper engagement.
  2. Logo presence is very important, and larger logos deliver better recall, action and longer fixation for your ad.
  3. Brand mentions are important to include in the headline of your native ad.
  4. Use :15 second native video ads to drive greater recall and purchase intent. These are more effective than longer video units, like :30 second ads, following the trend seen in general video advertising.

15 second native video is better

See How To Get More Clicks on Your Ads for tips on writing successful ad copy that maximizes clicks on your ads.

Separate Landing Page URL for Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop

Landing page URLs need to be the same across devices. Note, however, that you can use {ifmobile} to designate a mobile-friendly version of your page.