Native & Search Ad Formats

Native Ads let you combine various brand assets to produce rich, compelling ad experiences and display them alongside content, providing user interaction and engagement superior to traditional display advertising. You can use video and images for vivid, personal and emotional brand storytelling across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Native image and video ads reach over 650M mobile users across a massive mobile network of over 1,000 apps, including Oath, Yahoo, Tumblr, and top syndication partner apps.


To explore ad formats, click the video for animated examples. There’s no voice-over audio narration but the examples speak for themselves.


Choose from a wide range of ad formats, described in the sections below, to help you get your message across in a non-intrusive way.

Search Ads

Search link ads are highly relevant ads that reach searchers on Yahoo at the moment of intent. Yahoo Search reaches over 117M unique searchers per month, 33% of which can’t be found on other engines.



To learn how to create search on native ads in the Native & Search UI, check out Use Search on Native to Drive More Traffic & Extend Reach.

Mail Ads

Yahoo Mail Ads are a companion to the Native Ad, and served exclusively in Yahoo Mail. On user-click, the Yahoo Mail Ad displays in the Mail message pane, displaying as if the user had opened a marketing email from the advertiser. Users can interact with the HTML content in the message, forward it to friends and family, save it to their inbox (where it will appear with other incoming email messages), or close it without taking any other action.

Yahoo Native & Search Mail Ads turn the prominently placed top ad in the user’s inbox into a native ad that can be read, saved or forwarded, similar to an email. Mail Ads have demonstrated click-through rates as high as 4x industry averages.

Key benefits:

  • Get your message across in a non-intrusive way by native Mail Ads that open instantly right within Yahoo Mail.
  • Users can forward or save your promotional emails to refer to them.
  • Cut down on the funnel and with one click lead get templates.
  • Use one of robust responsive email templates to present your products.



The example shown in the video is of a sponsored Mail Ad.


You can’t use Yahoo Mail Ads without a companion Native Ad. Ensure that you prepare Native Ad assets when building this ad format.


To address the issue of how Native & Search handles custom form fields in Mail Ads, note the following: Data is sent directly to the client. Oath does not store a copy of the data. Oath does not collect or store any form fill information. Data in form fields is passed directly to the advertiser website when the user submits the form within the Mail template.

Image Ads

Native Image Ads are image-rich ads that fit the form and function of the content around them, such as within the content stream on Yahoo properties, apps and third-party publishers.

Compared to traditional display, native ads lift brand-related searches up to 3.6X, and site view-through up to 3.9X.

Recent attribution studies show that native ads account for an average 30% of incremental online conversions, more than double the conversions driven by the next largest tactic.



To learn how to create Images Ads in the Native & Search UI, check out Create Native Ads with Images.

Native Video Ads

Native Video Ads are clickable video ads that fit the form and function of the content around them, such as within the content stream on Yahoo properties, apps, and third-party publishers. Native Video Ads view and completion rates have outperformed industry averages.

In a recent study, Native Video Ads drive a 50% lift in brand favorability and 28% lift in purchase intent.



To learn how to create native ads with video in the Native & Search UI, check out Create Native Ads with Video.

App Install Ads

Ads for apps are effective at prompting re-engagement. Even if users saw the ads but did not click through, they were 11% more likely to reuse the app. App users acquired with video ads have up to 43% more sessions compared to an average user.

The Video App Install format is a combination of a card plus a 30-second video spot.

On loading, a full-screen, 30-second video ad will display followed by a full-screen endcard. The end-card will include a call-to-action, instructing the user to download the app in the app store and a close button that will allow the user to immediately return to the app they were using.




To learn how to create Carousel Ads in the Native & Search UI, check out Use Carousel Ads To Deliver Impactful Storytelling Messages.

User Personalized Ads

User Personalized Ads let you serve native ads and personalized messages to your best consumer audience, based on their geo locations. Consumers are served ads that feature their specific city, state or country.

Improve CTR and drive ROI by personalizing your ad titles, descriptions, and landing URLs by geo (city, state, country). Add the macros {city}, {state} & {country} in the Ad title, description and landing page URL in the Native & Search UI. You can also add these abbreviated macros: {state_abbr}, {country_abbr}.

Early results show a compelling lift for User Personalized Ads over non-personalized image ads. CPC improved by 25%, CTR by 2x (102%), and CVR improved by 92%.


personalized ads

Note that location is determined by IP and geo location data. If the location is unavailable, User Personalized Ads will not serve. Because of this, advertisers should also run a non-personalized version of the ad. Personalized and non-personalized should be in the same ad group.

User Personalized Ads are available in any language and in all markets. User Personalized Ads also support app install campaigns. Advertisers can use single image, video, or mail (pencil unit) ad formats when targeting app install objectives.

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For more information on deliverables, guidelines & specifications, refer to Native Ad (Standard).