Report Dimensions

Dimension groups the metrics data. At least one dimension needs to be provided in the request.

Following dimensions are currently recognized by the BrightRoll DSP Reporting API.

Id Name Description Seat Access GAN Access
1 Exchange/Publisher A supply source that maintains a website or other inventory type with ad space for sale to advertisers. Yes No
3 Ad Size The specification of the width and height of the ad, in pixels. Yes Yes
4 Advertiser ID and Name attached to an advertiser. Yes Yes
5 Order/Campaign ID attached to a campaign. This also returns the name of the campaign. Yes Yes
6 Line ID and Name attached to a line item. Yes Yes
7 Ad ID and Name of the Ad. Yes Yes
8 Creative ID and Name of the creative. Yes No
9 Domain Name The unique Internet address for a website. Yes No
14 Advertiser Category Advertiser categorization as categorized by the trafficker. Yes No
19 Country Geographic attribute for the country of a visitor. Yes No
20 State Geographic attribute for the state (region) of a visitor. Yes No
21 City Geographic attribute for the city of a visitor. Yes No
23 Mobile OS Possible values: iOS, Android, RIM OS, Windows Phone OS, Unknown. Yes No
25 Browser Type Possible values: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Unknown. Yes No
26 Desktop OS Possible values: Mac OS, Windows, Linux, or Unknown. Yes No
27 Age Possible values: 13–17, 18–20, 21–24, 25–29, 30–34, 35–39, 40–44, 45–49, 50–54, 55-­‐59, 60-­‐64, 65+. Yes No
28 Gender Possible values: Male/Female. Yes No
31 Ad Position The location on the page where an ad appears. Yes No
34 Device Type The type of device used by a visitor to count campaign impressions. Possible values: Desktop, Phone, Tablet, Unknown. Yes No
39 Targeted Audience Deprecated. Use Dimension ID 104 instead. Yes No
42 Advertiser Sub-Category IAB Taxonomy Yes No
46 Pixel ID ID and Name of the conversion pixel set up to pass custom values. Yes Yes
47 Sub Domain Name A more granular site, such as a regional property or sub-site that is distinguished from a parent site. For example, or Yes No
50 Exchange Deal ID ID and Name of the deal received from supply partner to uniquely identify a supply slice. Yes No
63 Media Type Type of line item. Possible values: Display, Video or Native. Yes No
64 Advertiser Group A logical grouping of advertisers as defined by a seat. Available only if the seat has at least one advertiser group registered. Yes No
67 Line Goal Type Goal type of a line item. Possible values: None, CPC, CPA, CPCV, VCPM, ROAS, Maximize Viewability, Maximize Completion Rate, Viewability, Maximize CTR. Yes No
73 Line Billing Method Billing method of a line item. Possible values: Default, Profit Margin, CPM Price, CPC, CPCV. Yes No
75 DMA Designated Marketing Area. The Nielsen-designated marketing region. Yes No
103 Pixel Parameter Parameters passed to a pixel query. Yes No
104 Targeted Audience ID and Name of the Targeted Audience Segment. Yes No
106 Inventory Type Possible values: Web, App, Unknown, N/A Yes No