BrightRoll DSP Reporting API

BrightRoll DSP Reporting API can be used to retrieve campaign data programmatically.


Learn more about this API using the following resources:

Guide Description
API Endpoint Describes all of the available reporting endpoints.
Payload Specs Details on each payload field with examples.
Report Dimensions List of each supported dimension type.
Report Metrics List of each supported metric type.
Rate Limits Explains the enforeced rate and quota limits.
Best Practices General performance guide and tips.
Examples Complete payload samples for common reports.
Error Codes Details of common API errors.

Data Retention Policy

The BrightRoll DSP retains campaign data for the previous two year period.

Using the Reporting API, you can retrieve and report on data that is up to two years old. Data that is older than two years old is purged and cannot be used to create reports.

Reporting API Limitations

The BrightRoll DSP API enables you to run and return reports on very large data sets.

  • The Reporting API supports reports that are up to 20 GB in size.
  • All reports are returned as CSV files.
  • Returned reports are available via a URL that is valid for 24 hours after report creation.

Data Metric Limitations

BrightRoll DSP API reports that return certain data metrics are subject to a 500K limitation on the rows returned. This includes reports that return the following report metrics:

  • 115 Unique Viewers
  • 163 Moat Viewable Rate
  • 166 Moat Viewable Impressions
  • 167 Moat Measurable Impressions
  • 242 Moat Analyzed Impressions
  • 243 Moat AVOC
  • 244 Moat AVFH
  • 245 Moat Measurability Rate
  • 247 Moat AVOC Rate

Older Data Limitations

BrightRoll DSP API reports that return older data may be subject to a 500K row limitation. Reports are subject to the limitation if either of these conditions are met:

  • The dateTypeId has a value of 10 (All Time).
  • The dateTypeId has a value of 11 (Custom) and the startDate of the report has a value that is prior to 2017-08-11.

To learn more, see Payload Specifications.

Recent Data Limitations

In order to deliver these large reports quickly, the platform must periodically preprocess and consolidate campaign data. Consequently, recent campaign data, data collected from events occurring in the previous six hours may or may not be available in reports.

If you need up-to-the-minute reporting data, you can always run reports in the BrightRoll DSP console. To learn more, see the BrightRoll DSP Insights documentation.