BrightRoll DSP Reporting API

BrightRoll DSP Reporting API can be used to retrieve campaign data programmatically.

Learn more about this API using the following resources:

Guide Description
API Endpoint Describes all of the available reporting endpoints.
Payload Specs Details on each payload field with examples.
Report Dimensions List of each supported dimension type.
Report Metrics List of each supported metric type.
Rate Limits Explains the enforeced rate and quota limits.
Best Practices General performance guide and tips.
Examples Complete payload samples for common reports.
Error Codes Details of common API errors.


The Reporting data exposed through API is not guaranteed to be real-time and is accurate up to the past 6 hrs.

The total retention period of reporting data is 2 years. In other words, you will not be able to retrieve campaign data that is older than 2 years.

The Reporting API generates a CSV formatted file and makes it available to download for maximum of 7 days.